Barnesville School Board News & Notes from April 17th Meeting

By Mark Askelson (4/20/17)

Barnesville, MN -- The Barnesville School Board held their regular monthly meeting earlier this week. At the meeting, the board discussed whether or not to contract with two athletic trainers for next year. Barnesville Superintendant Scott Loeslie says both provided excellent services, but there was longer enough need to support both providers.

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The board accepted the resignation of long time staff member Art Meyer, who is moving on to the Climax-Shelly School District.

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There will be some new curriculum coming into the Barnesville School next year. Superintendent Loeslie says it’s costly, but needs to be updated about every 10 years.

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The total cost of the new math curriculum for both the elementary and high school runs around $120,000.  The Barnesville School Board also approved selling some used athletic uniforms, approved a contract with the Lakes Country Service Cooperative, and approved donations for the trap shooting team.