Field Trips for Everyone at the Ada-Borup Elementary

By Mark Askelson (5/18/17)

Ada, MN -- The last few weeks of school can be stressful for students, especially with end of year testing and projects needing to be finalized. So a little distraction in the form of a field trip can go a long way for regaining the focus for the final end of year push. In the Ada-Borup Elementary, every grade level has a field trip planned this spring. Ada-Borup Elementary Principal Craig Bahr runs down what some of the grades have lined up.

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The 5th grade class just had their trip on Tuesday, where Bahr says they got explore the University of North Dakota Aerospace Program in Grand Forks.

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And the 6th grade class, although technically Middle School now, will be making their annual Twin Cities trip on May 24th and May 25th.

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