Dakota Natural Gas Pipeline Coming to Traill County

Dakota Natural Gas Pipeline Coming to Traill County

October 8, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Brady Siebels (krjbada@loretel.net) 10/7/2020

Hillsboro, ND -- Construction is set to begin later this month for a new pipeline to serve residents and businesses in Traill County. The $8.5 Million Dakota Natural Gas pipeline project will provide natural gas to the communities of Hillsboro and Mayville as early as August 2021. There is also the possibility of extending the project to include Portland as well. Traill County Economic Development Comission Director Jim Murphy says this project is great for the county and will save businesses and home owners money, as well as attract new businesses and jobs to move into the county.

Speaking of jobs Murphy adds that despite the pandemic there is are number of companies looking to grow and hire new employees in the area, adding the are many career opportunities for people to live and work in Traill County.

Murphy adds that for those wanting to relocate to Traill County there are a number of housing options with lots available to build new homes as well a number a hot real estate market for home buyers.

For more information about career opportunities visit the Traill County EDC website at traillcountyedc.com