Community COVID-19 testing in Aitkin continues

Community COVID-19 testing in Aitkin continues

October 14, 2020 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (10/14/20)

(Aitkin, MN) — Community COVID-19 testing continues today from the Journey North Church in Aitkin with Aitkin County Public Health working with State agencies to ensure proper and safe testing. 

Earlier this week, we spoke with Aitkin County Public Health’s Brea Hamsdorf and Erin Melz and discussed how the numbers from neighboring counties produced low positive case results from similar testing site protocols.

Testing is completely free and open to all who wish to get tested for COVID-19. Given the time of year with cold and flu season, symptoms can get confused with those common ailments.

The need for testing has increased and the Testing Site can meet those needs, compared to the beginning of the Pandemic.

A new test is also available at the Aitkin Testing Site.

Results will be presented in numerous options after your test has been collected.

Community COVID-19 Testing at the Journey North Church in Aitkin runs today from 12-6pm and Thursday from 12-3pm. Registration can be done online, at the testing site, or if you need assistance call 1-855-612-0677.

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