American Crystal Wraps Up Successful Sugar Beet Harvest

American Crystal Wraps Up Successful Sugar Beet Harvest

October 16, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Mark Askelson (10/16/20)

Hillsboro, ND — The American Crystal Sugar Beet Harvest has essentially wrapped up its 2020 campaign in the Red River Valley, and the result is a complete 180 from 2019, a harvest the seemed to never end and for some it didn’t. However, 2020 showcased a good crop, an efficient harvest, and a safe harvest. Joe Hastings, agronomist for American Crystal Sugar, says the dry conditions made for one of the quickest and most efficient harvests in recent history.

The dry conditions didn’t make for a record crop, but Hastings says on average the beets are of good quality and will store quite well.

And the sugar beet harvest was unique this year as they had to make adjustments to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Hastings says their safety measures appeared to have worked and everyone adapted to the changes well.

As of Thursday afternoon, the only American Crystal Piling Station still open was Bathgate, which is part of the Drayton district in far northeastern North Dakota.