COVID-19 Cases Spike in North Dakota & Traill County

COVID-19 Cases Spike in North Dakota & Traill County

October 21, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Mark Askelson (10/21/20)

Hillsboro, ND — North Dakota set another record for daily positive COVID-19 cases on Tuesday with more than 1,000 positive test results and a nearly 20% daily positivity rate. All across the state cases appear to be climbing and rural counties such as Traill are not immune either. In the last week, Trail County has seen 54 new positive cases and currently is listed as having between 50 and 99 active cases, according to the North Dakota Department of Health. Brenda Stallman of Traill District Public Health says there are number of reasons why the coronavirus appears to be surging, such as a lack of mask usage and larger indoor gatherings, and more restrictions could be coming if things don’t get better soon.

The State of North Dakota does not have a mask mandate, nor does Traill County. Stallman notes there have been some pushes for mask use locally and she believes it would help the situation.

Stallman adds that while its very important to wear a mask, it’s just as important that they are worn and cared for properly.

On Monday night, the Hillsboro City Commission passed a unanimous resolution pleading with citizens and businesses in the Hillsboro community to mask up and prevent the spread of COVID-19.