“Unhinged” Star actress Anne Leighton joins The Morning Show

“Unhinged” Star actress Anne Leighton joins The Morning Show

October 28, 2020 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

By Kris Norton (7/8/2020), Kris@ksdmradio.com

International Falls – Actress Anne Leighton (Grimm, Lucifer, Criminal Minds, NCIS) joined Kris on The Morning Show to preview her new movie, Unhinged. Opening nationwide July 31st, Unhinged features Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe tracking down a woman and her son (Karen Pistorius and Gabriel Bateman) after a road-rage incident. Leighton stars in the role of Deborah Haskell, Leighton explains how Haskell fits into the story.

A thriller, Unhinged fits a genre Leighton knows well.

Leighton shared the intensity that Russell Crowe brought to the part, which begs the question: who’s scarier – the average deranged road rager, or Russell Crowe playing one?

Hollywood, like other businesses, is not immune from the closures and travel restrictions amid COVID-19. How has the pandemic affected the filming process.

Unhinged premieres nationwide beginning on July 31st. The full conversation with actress Anne Leighton is available here: