Man Dresses in Clown Costume, Threatens Lawsuit Against Crow Wing County in Board Meeting from October 27

Man Dresses in Clown Costume, Threatens Lawsuit Against Crow Wing County in Board Meeting from October 27

October 29, 2020 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

The Crow Wing County Board met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, October 27. The regular business item portion of the meeting was relatively quick, but the main highlight of the meeting took place during the public forum component.

A man, who announced his name was “Troy Scheffler, all capitals,” spoke during the public forum and used his two minutes seemingly for the purposes of satire, as he dressed in a clown suit and frequently made references to memes most commonly associated with white supremacist 4chan forums.

Scheffler referenced a “high prophet Pepe,” in reference to Pepe the Frog, who was designated as a hate symbol by the Anti Defamation League in 2016, in addition to referring to a “cheese pizza” deputy, a term that is frequently linked to pedophilia and child pornography in the same forums.

The substance of Scheffler’s time spent speaking was his accusation that the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s office unlawfully accessed his data, and that in two weeks he would be serving the county with a lawsuit.

This is not the first time Scheffler has either shown up to a Crow Wing County Board meeting threatening a lawsuit or used litigation in general, but this sequence of events dates back to a special meeting from the city of Nisswa on September 4, which was convened following city mayor Fred Heidmann’s arrest due to an altercation with city police. The city’s council unanimously (with the exception of councilmember Jon Ryan, who, as a mayorial candidate for the upcoming election, stated he needed to abstain) called for Heidmann’s resignation, along with 13 other citizens who spoke and called for the same action; Scheffler was the only person who spoke at the meeting who offered a dissenting opinion, calling the ordeal a “dog and pony show.” Scheffler also appeared at the city’s regular meetings on September 16 and October 21, threatening a lawsuit in the latter appearance as well and expressing support for the mayor.

Scheffler appeared in a Crow Wing County meeting for the first time on October 13, when he expressed a desire to file a lawsuit against the county as well, likely referring to his current accusations that Nisswa Police Chief Craig Taylor, captain Joe Meyer of the CWC Sheriff’s office, and the Sheriff himself, Scott Goddard. Goddard did not comment on the specifics of Scheffler’s claims. If Scheffler follows through with his promise, according to public Minnesota Civil, Family, and Probate records, it will be the 57th lawsuit he has been involved in in the state since 2009.

In the regular business portion of the meeting, the board approved a grant contract with the Adult Mental Health Initiative, which the board does every two years.

The board also approved its final use of CARES Act funds for various improvements to county departments, totalling just over $175,000.

The Crow Wing County Board will hold its next regular meeting on November 10. Their full meeting from October 27 can be viewed here.