Daylights Savings Ends Sunday morning

Daylights Savings Ends Sunday morning

October 31, 2020 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (10/30/20)

(Aitkin, MN) — As we “Fall Back” and get an extra hour of sleep with Daylight Savings coming to an end Saturday night and into Sunday, November 1st, there are plenty of tasks to check during the bi-yearly changing of the clocks.

The most obvious task is to check and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect you and your family from potential danger if they are in need of new batteries or are faulty.

Reversing your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise will help you save money with air circulating downward and decrease the demand on your heating system.

Flip or rotate your mattress will help from uneven wearing if this isn’t something is done on a regular basis.

Inspecting your furnace is another big to-do with the temperatures decreasing heading to the winter months. Routine maintenance on your furnace will also help from breakdowns during the winter and be sure to have your furnace checked professionally.

Finishing up any yard work including preparing trees for winter can also be done over the weekend by watering and mulching trees so they stay healthy during the cooldown.

Any exterior faucets and pipes should also be winterized and turned off to limit the possibility of freezing and causing potential damage to main water pipes in the home. 

And finally, sealing any air leaks from windows, doors, or other areas of the home that cause drafts will also help with the energy bill. Leaks can be sealed with spray foam, caulk, or weatherstripping. 

Daylight Savings comes to an end on Sunday, November 1st at 2am, which means your clocks will go back one hour.