Lakes Area Adoption Support Offering Adoptive Mom’s Retreat

Lakes Area Adoption Support Offering Adoptive Mom’s Retreat

November 3, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Mark Askelson (11/3/20)

Detroit Lakes, MN — November is National Adoption Month, which is a time to celebrate the families that have gone through the adoption process and raise awareness of the more than 125,000 children that are still waiting in foster care in the United States today. Jeff & Lori Kenney of Audubon, MN have been fostering children for more than a dozen years and know the challenges and rewards that come with adoption, and hope to connect other adoptive parents with each other through their annual Adoptive Moms Retreat. The retreat will take place on Saturday, November 14th at the Community Alliance Church in Detroit Lakes and is great way to connect and network with other adoptive moms going through the same unique challenges of fostering a child, according to Lori Kenney of Lakes Area Adoption Support.

The cost of the retreat is $30, which includes lunch. Along with the retreat, Kenney says they started an organization called Lakes Area Adoption Support to continue to offer resources for adoptive parents looking for guidance.

Kenney notes that being a parent in itself is a challenge but being a parent to a foster child brings a whole set of new challenges that many aren’t prepared for.

For more information about the Adoptive Mom’s Retreat or Lakes Area Adoption Support, visit their website

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