Steele County Approves Mask Mandate

Steele County Approves Mask Mandate

November 3, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Brady Seibles krjbada (11/3/20)

Finley, ND — The Steele County Commission met  Tuesday November 3, and approved a mask mandate effective immediately for the county. Steele County Like much of North Dakota has continued to see an upward trend in COVID-19 Cases with the county being elevated to the green low risk level.  There were three positive cases on Tuesday bringing the total to 17 active in the county. Steele County Public Health Administrator Kathryn Good Said that the mandate is needed to help slow the spread of Coronavirus and hopes individuals will adhere to the mandate. 

The Mandate requires everyone in Steele county to wear a face covering when indoors at all times and outdoors if social distancing guidelines of six feet apart can not be met. There is no penalty for not complying with the mandate but the commission hopes the mandate will help educate the public about community spread and promotes public health practices to mitigate COVID-19. The mandate will go through the remainder of the year and then be reevaluated in January. 

Click here to view the approved Steele County Mask Mandate.