Grey Wolf Off Endangered List

Grey Wolf Off Endangered List

November 11, 2020 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

The United States Department of Interior announced Thursday, October 29th that the Grey Wolf also known as the Timberwolf has been removed from the endangered species list. The official announcement came from Department of Interior Secretary David Bernahrdt in Bloomington, MN. Clearwater County Commissioner Mark Titera says he was honored to speak at the event among other leaders, livestock producers and Fish and Wildlife representatives from across the country.

Mark Titera Wolf Honor (1:19)

Although the grey wolf has been removed from the endangered species list, Titera says a hunting or trapping season could still be far off in Minnesota.

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Environmental groups have condemned the delisting claiming the recovery of the population is too young. The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, which works with Ojibwe bands in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, has also condemned the decision. Farmers and Ranchers however, have suffered significant losses of livestock, especially cattle to the grey wolf. Titera has spoken to several producers in Northwest Minnesota about the impacts of the growing wolf population in the region over the last few years.

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A public comment period has been extended in Minnesota to gather input on a wolf management plan in the state. Originally the comment period was set to close November 1st, but will now be extended to Friday, November 20th. Find more information online at