Hunting Season Going Relatively Well In Clearwater County

Hunting Season Going Relatively Well In Clearwater County

November 17, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Dawson Peterson (11/17/20)

Clearwater County, MN — There is still some time left in the Minnesota Rifle Deer Hunting Season and in Clearwater County, the hunting season has gone well so far. The number one worry every season is safety with firearms of course and the number one complaint that the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office receives is trespassing. Clearwater County Sheriff Darren Halvorson describes the season so far as uneventful.

Unfortunately, in Becker County a hunter went missing and was later found deceased. The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the search for the hunter. Sheriff Halvorson comments on the unfortunate situation saying that it served as a good reminder for hunters regarding cell phone use while hunting.

If you have any questions regarding where you can hunt for the final weekend or any hunting questions at all, you can visit the Minnesota DNR Website.