McGregor Schools switching Grades 4-12 to Distance Learning

McGregor Schools switching Grades 4-12 to Distance Learning

November 19, 2020 ---School News - KKIN/KFGI/KLKS/WWWI News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (11/20/20)

(McGregor, MN) — The McGregor School Board held an emergency meeting Wednesday night to discuss changing the current Learning Model for Grades 4-12 and discuss COVID-19 restrictions on High School Sports.

Superintendent Brad Johnson brought the proposal to the Board based on the volume of students and staff that have been in quarantine.

Johnson proposed the McGregor School District go to Distance Learning, starting Monday, November 23rd to Friday, January 15th, based on the numbers and holiday activities during that time.

The Board did vote to approve the Learning Model switch to Distance Learning. Aitkin County Public Health Supervisor Erin Melz spoke to the Board about how contact tracing has been able to assist in reducing the spread but still has a long way to go in order to be fully effective.

Friday is a non-school day for McGregor students to help prepare for Distance Learning. Johnson also mentioned as part of the program would be providing childcare and meals for students.

The McGregor School District will also be “pausing” winter sports for 4 weeks, at which only practice will take place for Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball. There will be no Junior High or Elementary Sports at this time. More information on the McGregor School District’s Learning Model change can be found on the District Facebook page and their website.