Rob Huebel, of International Falls (the Movie), returns to the Borderland

Rob Huebel, of International Falls (the Movie), returns to the Borderland

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By Kris Norton (4/2/2020),

International Falls, starring Rob Huebel, Rachel Harris, Mindy Sterling, and Kevin Nealon, is available on Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Youtube TV.

International Falls – Residents of International Falls may remember the period of time when cameras crews were rolling their way through town. The result of their efforts have come to fruition, showing up on screens, both silver and small. International Falls is now available to audiences nationwide.

Rob Huebel, star of the film, joined The Morning Show to discuss the movie, his new Netflix show, and keeping busy during a pandemic. Heubel said he will always have fond memories of his time in the borderland.

International Falls centers around a traveling stand-up comedian who forges a special bond with an International Falls resident.

“I would love to say that I have learned a language, or that I have taught myself acoustic guitar, or that I have just mastered calligraphy… But, I, like most people, am taking it one day at a time.”

Rob Huebel, on staying busy during quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has presented significant issues with previously-scheduled premieres, but how has Huebel kept himself busy during quarantine?

Those, who like Huebel, have taken refuge in watching Netlfix, can view his newest comedy, Medical Police. Huebel shares what viewers can expect from the absurd comedy.

Twitter users have been quick to reach out to Huebel, asking how the plot of Medical Police could have predicted the current virus outbreak.

The full conversation between Rob Huebel and Kris Norton is available here: