ISD 361 Winter Update with Superintendent Kevin Grover

ISD 361 Winter Update with Superintendent Kevin Grover

December 1, 2020 --- School News - KSDM/KGHS News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

By Kris Norton, (12/1/2020)

The school calendar has turned the page to winter, but coronavirus protocols remain in effect. The elementary has resumed in-person learning while the remainder of the district has shifted to a distance learning model.

ISD 361 Superintendent Kevin Grover joined The Morning Show on Tuesday to update the borderland on how the schools are functioning in distance learning.

Last school year, when the pandemic unfolded, ISD 361 made the decision to used a pass/fail/incomplete grading scale. With more time to plan, is the same system still on the table for the current semester?

In a turbulent time, Grover reminded listeners of the upcoming school schedule working around the holiday season.

Though students and staff members may have powered through colds or the seasonal flu in years past, this year, anyone having symptoms of sickness will be expected to stay home.

The full conversation with Superintendent Kevin Grover is available here: