City of Gary Auctioning Off Remaining Contents of Gary School

City of Gary Auctioning Off Remaining Contents of Gary School

December 3, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Mark Askelson (12/3/20)

Gary, MN — Want to own a piece of the former Norman County East Elementary School in Gary? Now is your opportunity! The City of Gary, who agreed to took possession of the school roughly a year ago, is currently auctioning of some of the remaining items left behind by the school district. Gary Mayor Buck Engen says they are hundreds of items that people can bid on, including shelves, some kitchen equipment, vintage maps, and even the old hardwood flooring from the oldest part of the building.

As of now, the intended plan for the City of Gary is to demolish the oldest parts of the school building, but Mayor Engen notes that they would like to preserve the gym, cafeteria, and parts of the newest addition if the stars align.

When the Norman County East School transferred ownership to the city, they left them with enough funds to cover demolition and asbestos removal of the whole facility if needed. The money from their current auction would go towards retrofitting and renovating the portion of the building they don’t demolish.

If you were to walk through the halls of the school, you would notice that the ceiling tile artworks from students of past years still remains as well. Engen wants the students who created the artwork to know that if they want their artwork back, they would be happy to make arrangements to pick those up by calling the city office at 356-8600.

The Gary School K-Bid Auction closes on Monday, December 14th. To view or bid on the items, go to and search “Gary.”