Brainerd Lakes Community Day of Caring Thursday

Brainerd Lakes Community Day of Caring Thursday

December 14, 2020 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By: Ben Aberg (12/14/20)

Brainerd, MN — It’s the season of giving, and the ringing of bells by red kettles in the area marks giving to the Brainerd Lakes Salvation Army. After ringing bells last week, we spoke with Captain Jeff Curran about the plan’s for this year’s Day of Caring.

And how is the Community Day of Caring made possible?

You can help by donating, and by ringing.

The funds are needed and can help many in the area.

Whether in need or looking to help, how can you contact the Brainerd Lakes Salvation Army for more information?

We thank Captain Curran for his time. To sign up to ring, click here. The Community Day of Caring is December 17. Donate at Pequot Lakes Super Valu, or Cub Foods Brainerd and Baxter locations.