Year in Review 2021 Weather Predictions

Year in Review 2021 Weather Predictions

December 31, 2020 News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Winter appears to have gotten a late start this year as the fall weather seemed to take it’s time exiting the Red River Valley. So does that mean we’re in store for a shorter winter, or will winter take it’s time exiting as well? North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network Director Daryl Ritchison made some predictions and shared some insight as to what may be on the horizon during our annual Year in Review report. The good news, according to Ritchison, is that winter will probably be shorter this year, but the bad news is that the next few months to come will be very “winter” like.

Last year’s growing season was on the wet side for farmers in the Red River Valley, but the 2020 year as a whole will finish drier than average thanks to a very dry fall. Ritchison believes that some of those drier conditions will continue into the summer 2021 and it may be cooler as well.

The definition of a forecast is “a prediction or estimate of future events.” Ritchison adds that while his forecasts are made using date modeling and science, forecasts this far out are rarely 100% accurate and can be skewed by one major event.

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