$10,000 Granted to Emily Food Shelf

$10,000 Granted to Emily Food Shelf

January 2, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(EMILY) Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless granted the Emily Food Shelf with $10,000 to be able to provide a more sanitary and clean environment for food shelf clients, according to a news release.

Funding from Open Your Heart will provide the Emily Food Shelf with a new food grade double tub sink. The mission of the Emily Food Shelf is to provide food to the city of Emily and surrounding community residents who are struggling to make ends meet while maintaining dignity and privacy for the people served.

In the past three years, the Emily Food Shelf has moved from pre-packed boxes to a grocery shopping model, expanded its produce area and provided produce pop-up markets for the local communities it serves. With a new food grade double tub sink, the Emily Food Shelf will be able to wash produce and sanitize food shelf equipment, providing a clean and sanitary environment for food shelf clients.

Open Your Heart looks for gaps in funding of services based on geographic or demographic considerations and reaches out to agencies serving those communities. It supports programs in communities where many traditional funders do not reach — volunteer-run domestic violence shelters, homeless programs in sparsely served remote corners of the state, inner city programs dedicated to serving the poorest and hunger programs serving clientele with special needs.

Its primary goal is to ensure front line providers of crisis services have the tools, equipment and infrastructure necessary to carry out their work.

Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis and are considered only through the application process. Applications can be obtained at www.oyh.org/grant-programs/.