Mahnomen 7th Grader Publishes First Book

Mahnomen 7th Grader Publishes First Book

January 6, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0
McKenna Bjerk holds up a copy of her book.

Mahnomen, MN — McKenna Bjerk, a 7th grade Mahnomen High School Student, doesn’t just dream about heroic adventures or watch them on TV, she writes her own! And not just short stories either…McKenna at just 12 years old is now a published author. Her first book, “Black Sails: Secrets of the Seas” is a 10 chapter, 180 page adventure about two pirates, Bizz and Barth, who form an unlikely alliance in the search for the treasure of Francis Drake. The book, which is now available for purchase on Amazon, took McKenna just under a year to write, but she notes she had plenty of time during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Although this is her first book, Bjerk has been writing stories for a few years now. She says she loves the process of writing a story and seeing her thoughts come to life.

As to what influenced her to write a tale about pirates, McKenna says they’ve have always been an big interest of hers.

And not to be limited to just writing, Bjerk also did many of the books illustrations with help from her Grandma. She is also already working on a sequel. “Black Sails: Secrets of the Seas” is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback form for 8.99 here.

Listen to the full interview with McKenna Bjerk below: