A Recap of a Challenging Year on Minnesota Roads in 2020

A Recap of a Challenging Year on Minnesota Roads in 2020

January 8, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (1/8/21)

Polk County, MN — 2020 was an unfortunate year. A year that many people are happy to say goodbye to and forget about completely.

While forgetting about 2020 is likely a good thing, there are some events that we need to remember so we can improve in the future. One of those is the increase in deaths on Minnesota roads. Preliminary reports, courtesy of the Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths initiative, show there were 394 traffic deaths on Minnesota roads in 2020 compared with 364 in 2019.

Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman runs down the statistics that he calls, “troublesome.”

Troopers wrote 501 more citations to drivers in 2020 travelling more than 100 mph than they did in 2019. That number has spiked 94%. 118 deaths were speed related in 2020. That’s up from 72 in 2019. Sheriff Tadman attributes those spikes to less traffic on the road in the year 2020.

The top speed written for a citation was 153 mph back in October of 2020. There were just over 1,000 total citations written last year to drivers travelling over 100 mph. An important note to remember, is that these numbers are only from Minnesota State Troopers. Sheriff’s offices and local police departments are not included.