Now is the Time to Get Your Snowmobile Certification

Now is the Time to Get Your Snowmobile Certification

January 15, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Dawson Peterson (1/15/21)

Polk County, MN — Although Minnesota endures some harsh winters with blistering winds and sometimes massive amounts of snow. There are still plenty of activities Minnesotans love to do outside in the winter. One of those activities, is snowmobiling.

This winter has been a little different when it comes to the amount of snow on the ground but there is still enough time to hop on your “sled” as they say and ride the trails. Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman offers a few reminders for young ones who are just beginning to ride.

As a young rider, you will have more freedom when you have your snowmobile certification. For example, if you are a rider of 12-13 years old without your snowmobile certification, you cannot cross any state or county roads. If you are interested in getting your snowmobile certification here’s what you can expect in your local course.

There will be a snowmobile certification course on Januray 23rd in Oklee and one will also be happening in Red Lake Falls. You can also ask your school district if they have any further information on upcoming courses as well.