Ada Police Department Offers Online Safety Reminders

Ada Police Department Offers Online Safety Reminders

January 29, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Ada, MN — During a time where everything we do is online or can be done online, Ada Police Chief is encouraging community members to make sure to protect themselves from online fraud or theft. He shared some helpful tips during our Kaleidoscope Program earlier this week. Chief Bueng says a very simple way to protect yourself and your identity is to never share your confidential information such as birth date, address, phone number, or social security number.

Bueng notes that you should also never keep your social security card in your purse or wallet as well. He adds that its worth a lot of money in the hands of criminals.

Also never post or email any bank or financial information online. Bueng says if an email from a bank, company, or even a friend seems even remotely suspicious and is asking for that information, please call them and verify the information.  

And if you plan on being gone for an extended period of time, Bueng suggests not making your plans known online.

Bueng also recommends not pasting work information as well as any information that can be used to change a password, such as your first pet, mother’s maiden name, or first car.