City of Jenkins Considers Applying for Energy Program

City of Jenkins Considers Applying for Energy Program

February 11, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(JENKINS, MN) — The city of Jenkins held a regular council meeting on Monday, February 8, so we spoke with Mayor Jon Lubke to get the latest news from the city.

Lubke said the meeting was fairly standard, but he provided an update on the ongoing process with the city applying to the Small Cities Development Program. The city held a public hearing on Monday to discuss this with its citizens and the decision was made to submit their application.

The big ticket agenda item was a presentation from Region 5, a regional development company that works with small cities on certain projects. The presentation was on the possibility of being a part of their Community Energy and Environmental Planning Program.

With the city planning on making a decision later in the month, Lubke elaborated on the possible projects that could be in the works should the city be approved for the funding.

We thank Mayor Lubke for his time. Our full interview with him, in which he also discusses the city considering moving around meeting dates and making other improvements within the council, may be found below.