Climax-Shelly School Board Approves Moving Forward with Roof Replacement

Climax-Shelly School Board Approves Moving Forward with Roof Replacement

February 26, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Climax, MN — The Climax-Shelly School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 24th. The board has been discussing some much-needed roof repairs in recent months and at this week’s meeting approved moving forward with that project. Climax-Shelly Superintendent Michael Underwood says they approved a bid for $297,000 from Skinner Roofing and will start work this summer.

The school board also had some discussion about a significant concern the district is having with unpaid meal charges and how they can address it in the future, according to Underwood.

And with the different learning modes this year and students having to make numerous adjustments outside of their comfort zone, it’s no secret some of them may be struggling to keep up. Superintendent Underwood noted that the Climax-Shelly School District is looking at summer and alternative programming options to help with the learning loss.

As an added treat for the senior class who has been through a lot this past year, the board approved allowing senior students staying on top of their grades to leave school early if they like for the remainder of the year. Underwood says they’ve earned it.

The Climax-Shelly School Board also approved the purchase of 2022 Bluebird School Bus at a price of $95,000.