Fertile-Beltrami March School Board Recap

Fertile-Beltrami March School Board Recap

March 10, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Fertile, MN — The Fertile-Beltrami School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Monday night this week, one day ahead of their usual meeting date due to Township Elections. At the meeting, the school board approved a resolution Discontinuing and Reducing Educational Programs and Positions. Fertile-Beltrami Superintendent Brian Clarke says community members shouldn’t be too concerned about the resolution as it is an annual occurrence just in-case the district needs to make reductions to staff or programs.

The Fertile-Beltrami School Board also approved the purchase of 80 new student I-pads, which Superintendent Clarke says they were able to do with their Federal CARES ACT funding.

Regarding the COVID-19 situation in the school district, Clarke notes that they remain with full, in-person learning, but they do have a large percentage of students still opting to distance learn.

The Fertile-Beltrami School Board also accepted the resignation of paraprofessional Tracy Fugleseth.