Central Lakes College Monthly Update with Dr. Hara Charlier

Central Lakes College Monthly Update with Dr. Hara Charlier

March 11, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(BRAINERD, MN) — For our monthly update with Central Lakes College, we spoke with the school’s president, Dr. Hara Charlier.

It is currently spring break at CLC, and Dr. Charlier says the time off is well-deserved for both students and faculty.

As the spring semester enters its latter stages, Dr. Charlier looked ahead to the fall semester of 2021 and talked about some of the new programs that will be offered.

New programs mean new partnerships, and Dr. Charlier continued by discussing those partnerships and how important they are.

With activity starting to ramp up, more events are being OK’d by CLC, but many are staying virtual for the time being.

Summer enrollment is now open at CLC, so Dr. Charlier talked about where to go and what to do for prospective students.

Finally, Dr. Charlier mentioned that the school has plenty of workforce scholarships to award and where to go to find more information.

We thank Dr. Charlier for her time. The website for Central Lakes College can be accessed here. Our full interview with Dr. Charlier, in which she goes in greater depth on partnerships on the Staples campus, can be found below.