Polk County Sheriff’s Office to Add 2nd K9 Unit

Polk County Sheriff’s Office to Add 2nd K9 Unit

March 15, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Fosston, MN — Roughly a year after acquiring K9 Buffy, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office will be adding another patrol pup to the line of duty. The newest K9 is expected to begin patrol alongside Deputy Ben Stout sometime in June and will allow the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to have a K9 on duty at all times and also one on each side of the county. Sheriff Jim Tadman, who was a featured guest on KKCQ Food for Thought Program last week, stated that they had always hoped to have two K9s units, but successful fundraising and generous donations from the community had allowed them to speed up the process.

Deputy Stout says their new K9, named Rex, has actually been training for duty his whole life overseas and will soon be in the final training stages here in the states before beginning patrol in late June.

Just like K9 Buffy, K9 Rex will be a dual-purpose dog capable of tracking narcotics and people as well as apprehending suspects. Sheriff Tadman says he’s very excited about the opportunity of having two K9 units serving the Polk County communities.

Look for K9 Rex to join Deputy Stout on patrol this summer.