Titans Superfan Adjusting to Attending Games Virtually

Titans Superfan Adjusting to Attending Games Virtually

March 16, 2021 Uncategorized 0
Titan’s Superfan Kevin Ruud updating his Twitter while taking in a high school sports game prior to the pandemic.

Twin Valley, MN — Pre-pandemic, there may not have been an individual more dedicated to watching high school sports than Kevin Ruud. Ruud is a Norman County East-Ulen Hitterdal Titans Superfan (he’s got the sweatshirt to prove it) and a fan of high school sports in general. Attend any Titans game and he could be spotted somewhere near the best view in the house munching on a bag of popcorn. So how has Ruud handled an entire year with going to any live games in-person? He says it’s been difficult, but because of live streaming technology, such as YourLiveEvent.com, he has actually found himself tuning in to even more games than ever before.

Ruud was actually the Minnesota State High School Basketball tournament a year ago when the news broke that it would be cancelled. As disappointed as he was, he adds that he couldn’t imagine the heartbreak that the kids were feeling to have their dreams of a state title ripped away from them.

A look at the new normal for Kevin Ruud.

Ruud says he is looking forward to a potential return to watching games in-person when spring sports get underway.