Essentia Health helps launch program connecting people with free and reduced-cost services

Essentia Health helps launch program connecting people with free and reduced-cost services

March 26, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

Finding help just got easier. Essentia Health, Wilderness Health, Generations Health Care Initiatives and Stratis Health have partnered with Aunt Bertha to provide a free online platform that allows anyone to easily find and connect with local free and reduced-cost programs.

Funding for this project is supported by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and UCare. This new platform is powered by a partnership with Aunt Bertha, an established network of nonprofits and social care providers. The program connects people to needed programs that serve them with dignity and ease. Resourceful makes it easy for people facing social needs — and those who help others — to find and make referrals to appropriate programs and services for food, shelter, health care, work, financial assistance and more.

The program connects people to services in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Resourceful assists community-based organizations with free tools designed to support their mission. The platform provides participating organizations with the ability to receive and respond to referrals.

Resourceful relies on the help of our community to continuously enhance the resource directory so all can benefit from the information being in one place. Community-based organizations are encouraged to sign up for a free training on our website — — to learn how to help others navigate the social service directory and how to use all the free tools available.

“Addressing the social determinants of health is a high priority at Essentia Health,” said Debbie Welle-Powell, Essentia Health’s chief population health officer. “Access to food, transportation, housing and other basic needs impacts one’s overall health, and creating tools to match patients’ needs with the right community partner is foundational work.”

“We have been having conversations with community-based organizations for over a year about this project,” said Mary Rapps, executive director of Generations Health Care Initiatives. “There is a lot of excitement for the launching of Resourceful around the region. It is seen as a way for organizations to work more effectively together in meeting the needs of our community.”

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