Community Members Welcome Dairy & Swine Projects to Norman County

Community Members Welcome Dairy & Swine Projects to Norman County

April 1, 2021 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Twin Valley, MN — Norman County community members had the chance to get to know the leaders of two major projects that are currently investing tens of millions of dollars into the community on Wednesday night. The Norman County EDA hosted a meet and greet with Barrick Family Farms and Riverview Dairy to learn more about the two projects, which are taking place in Lockhart and Waukon townships respectively. The Barrick Family Farms genetic breading facility broke ground in October and actually already has sows on site. Alex Barrick of Barrick Family Farms says eventually those sows will play a major role in the pig population worldwide.

A big part of their involvement in the meet and greet on Wednesday night is to try to recruit workers, and as Barrick notes, they want to hire local.

For the Riverview Dairy in Waukon township, dirt work just got underway a couple weeks ago. The company has also been renovating the former Lincoln Terrace retirement apartments into a facility to house approximately 80-90 of their construction workers, according to Brad Oltmann of Riverview Dairy.

Riverview plans to start milking their Jersey cows on site by March of 2022.

Adam Zeltwanger of Riverview commented on the expansion during his interview R & J News as well, saying he’s excited to be apart of such a fast growing company with a good set of values.

The Norman County EDA had a tremendous turnout for the meet and greet, with more than 125 people in attendance from all sides of the county. The event was held at the Twin Valley Community Center.