Mahnomen County Commission Recap

Mahnomen County Commission Recap

April 20, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Mahnomen, MN — The Mahnomen County Commission held their first meeting for the month of April last Tuesday, April 13th where they discussed the county assessor job duties, the potential closure of the demolition landfill, and financing options for some upcoming capital projects.

As they look to fill vacancies in the Assessor’s and Sanitation and Zoning Offices, Mahnomen City Administrator Jeff Cadwell says the County Board approved modifying some job duties and filling those roles in house.

Also at the meeting, the county commission brought in Greg Smith from Widseth to discuss compliance issues, reporting, and options for the future of the Mahnomen County demolition landfill. Administrator Cadwell says given new MPCA regulations and operating costs, its likely they will have to close their facility.

And as the county looks to renovate the former bank building into its new human services department and the courthouse shortly after, Cadwell says they are exploring some options for financing that project.

The Mahnomen County Commission meets next on Tuesday, April 27th.