Capitol Update with Representative Rob Ecklund

Capitol Update with Representative Rob Ecklund

April 30, 2021 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

You and I touched on it a little bit last week and even though the covid-19 numbers are dropping, the vaccine numbers are also dropping that’s the wrong kind of trend and I think a cause for concern.

There are things that are there starting to happen that are going to swing things in a whole different direction when you have entities Lake Concordia College stating that if you’re a student or faculty person come next Fall you can’t enter the campus if you haven’t had the vaccine.

Lets change gears here a little bit Rob and they were talking a little bit this morning that there seems to be a argument on the horizon across the aisle between the governor and and the Republicans regarding some of the things that the governor is trying to get accomplished 

Rob on the local front there were some special City Council meetings this week for some tax abatements for a couple of new motels here in town.