Central Valley School Board Approves Early Retirement Policy

Central Valley School Board Approves Early Retirement Policy

May 6, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Buxton, ND — The Central Valley School held their monthly school board on Wednesday morning at the school’s library. Due to the time constraints with some of the agenda items the meeting was pushed up a week. After discussion last month about the creation of a policy for early teacher retirement, the board read and after much discussion approved a new policy. Teachers with 30 years’ experience who have taught in the district for at least 10 years would have a three-year window to apply for early retirement. If applying in the first year the teacher would be eligible to receive 100% of their salary, 85% in the second year, and 75% in the third year.  The board amended the policy to include that board has the right to deny the application for non-egregious reasons.  Superintendent Jeremy Brant says the policy will give veteran teachers another option about their future and could save the district some money in the long run.  

Current Science teacher Rick Sondrol, who has taught over 30 years at Central Valley, was the one who brought up the potential of early retirement at last month’s meeting spoke Wednesday regarding his rational. He said that up until about five weeks ago he had no plans of retiring but with some of the budget concerns facing the school, he said retiring early would be a way he could help alleviate some of financial problems facing the district. Sondrol reiterated that approving his early retirement would save the district between $100,000 and $150,000 over the next seven years, depending on the experience of the next science teacher they hire. Sandrol applied for and was granted early retirement by the board, he will receive 85% of his $60,800 salary or just over $51,000. Brandt says that Sondrol has been a great teacher and thanked him for his years at Central Valley, but says he hopes Sondrol will come back at least one more year on a part time basis.  

Also, at the meeting Brandt gave an update on the process for hiring a new principal after last month’s resignation of Frank Justin. The school is advertising for either a K-12 principal or a 7-12 principal who would also serve as the school’s athletic director. With Brandt to serve in the other capacity depending on the individual hired. Brandt said he has already received applications for the positions and hopes to begin interviewing candidates next Monday.  

The board also approved the hiring of current Art teacher Tait Simonson as the schools IT Director, approved spending up to $35,000 on a new school van to be paid with ESSER grant money, and approved the instillation of a wall to divide the schools bus barn.