City of Baxter Plans Road Projects Overhauling Intersections

City of Baxter Plans Road Projects Overhauling Intersections

May 6, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(BAXTER, MN) — The city of Baxter held its first regular council meeting for the month of May on Tuesday, so we spoke with Mayor Darrel Olson to get a synopsis.

Olson said there was a proposal to add signage to an intersection near the Walmart, which was approved, but Olson acknowledged that the resolution is only a temporary fix.

This was rolled into the discussion surrounding moving the stoplight on Knollwood Drive to Inglewood Drive, an idea that is central to a potential overhaul of the roadways west of Highway 371.

As part of the council’s due dilligence on this, they had their engineering firm prepare some concept art to look into how it would affect emergency vehicles. Olson said everything checked out, and once the picture becomes clearer, the city will reach out to the public for input.

Olson also mentioned that the city’s drop-off location for leaves has now moved to Mike’s Tree Company. This adds flexibility in the form of year-round service and a greater variety of items that can be dropped off.

We thank Mayor Olson for his time. The city of Baxter will hold its next regular council meeting on May 18. Our full conversation with Mayor Olson may be found below.