Rep Rob Ecklund in Studio

Rep Rob Ecklund in Studio

May 11, 2021 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

There are a lot of things going on here a lot of different things in the news of the governor announced easing of restrictions and one of the nice things at least for us here in the Northland is the lifting of the having to shut down early.

I had an interview with Kevin Grover superintendent here in International Falls and we discussed graduation will be in the Bronco Arena and there are some limitations, they’re going to limit to family and willl be televised so everybody will be able to see it

Employers are finding it tough to find people to do a job and there are different reasons for that again they even talked about it you know there could be a childcare issue there could be other issues involved but the the other issue is that in some aspects there’s no incentive because our government Weather by federal or state they’re paying them not to work I saw where if you’re making $15 an hour average 40 Hour Work Week your paycheck on a week is $600 after taxes you’re making more than that on unemployment so there’s no incentive and that’s if you get a $15 an hour job.

Well Rob let’s look at just the local economy of Intemational Falls with everything going on here you have airport reconstruction on the runway you have the Holiday gas station I mean that thing is going quick they were burying the gas tanks so I mean that project is just flying. Highway 53 project starts here in a few days and then you have as it sounds like pretty much a done deal with the tax abatement about the America in Project which is going to be a hotel on Keenan that’s going to be four stories high and 84 rooms and then you have the the Cobblestone project and I do believe that would be a Best Western and that’ll be just across the road kind of from chocolate moose and that’s going to be three stories high. I don’t know how many rooms but I understand there will be a restaurant and bar as well so a lot of things going to be happening in International Falls