Hillsboro City Commission News & Notes from June 7th Meeting

Hillsboro City Commission News & Notes from June 7th Meeting

June 8, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — A simple gaming authorization drew lengthy and heated discussions on Monday night during the regular Hillsboro City Commission meeting. The Tap That Bar currently contracts with the Hillsboro EDC nonprofit for their gaming, but this contract year they have selected the Aggie Foundation, a nonprofit out of Velva, North Dakota, for their gaming authority. The owner of the Tap That stated that they were unhappy with the way funds were distributed through HEDC and the Aggie Foundation would allow them to distribute 40% of the gaming profits to whatever community needs they would like. HEDC members shared their concern about the potential loss of funds for them and the amount of money that would go outside of the community. However, Hillsboro City Commission President Terry Sando says the commission ultimately approved the gaming authorization because the Tap That bar has the right to choose their gaming authority.

The Hillsboro City Commission also conditionally approved the awarding of bids for the Riverwalk Development. Sellin brothers of Hawley, MN were selected with a bid of just over $2.5 million. President Sando says they just need to finalize a couple of clerical items and they can get started with dirt work.

The City of Hillsboro has been posting to hire a new City Assessor in recent weeks, but with no luck on candidates. However, Sando says they may have found a solution through the county.

The Hillsboro City Commission also accepted the resignation of commissioner Shawn Skager, who will step down next month, approved outdoor liquor licenses for Hillsboro Days, and agreed to draft a new ordinance prohibited shipping containers on residential properties.

Listen to the full recap from this week’s meeting with Terry Sando below: