Dry Weather Impact on Livestock Water

Dry Weather Impact on Livestock Water

June 10, 2021 Farm News 0

Drought remains an issue across the region impacting crop growth and livestock health. High temperatures in the day paired with humidity can especially be stressful for livestock. North Dakota State University Extension Vet and Livestock Stewardship Specialist Dr. Gerald Stokka says having cattle on the pasture can fair better than those in the feedlot or corral.

The droughty conditions also raise concerns of water quality as Dr. Stokka says water is the most important nutrient need for livestock. Some water sources are dried up or fairly shallow which can lead to illness in the herd.

Producers have the option to move livestock to another location with better water or haul water but there are resources available in these dry situations.

Livestock producers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their animals during dry and hot conditions to help mitigate health concerns in the herd.