Memorial Blood Centers are asking for blood donors

Memorial Blood Centers are asking for blood donors

June 14, 2021 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

Memorial Blood Centers are asking for blood donors, as a blood emergency has been announced.

The emergency is due to the long-term effects of lower donation numbers.

“There’s a nationwide shortage,” said Kathy Geist, senior executive director. “We currently have only a 3-day supply of blood to offer to more than 30 local hospitals. The long-term itnpac± of the pandemic has meant we’ve had a year Of virtually no high school or college firsttime donors, and 41 percent fewer donors between the ages of f 7-24.”

In addition to this dramatic drop in blood donors over the past 15 months, there has recently been a surge in b’00d usage as hospitals perform surgeries and patients seek medical care that was postponed during the pandemic„ The increased need and significant decrease in donations have created a chronic gap in blood donations locally and nationally.

Memorial Blood Centers invites all eligible donors to step up and give blood. Donating blood takes less than an hour and costs nothing.

As thanks for the generous gift of blood during this time of need, all presenting donors in June will be entered in daily drawings for Twins tickets.

Interested donors can learn more about these safety precautions, find out if they’re eligible, or schedule an appointment to give MBC.ORG or by calling 1-888-448-3253.