MN Department of Agriculture spraying for gypsy moths in Duluth, Cloquet

MN Department of Agriculture spraying for gypsy moths in Duluth, Cloquet

June 15, 2021 News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (6/15/21)

(Northern Minnesota) — The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is planning to eradicate gypsy moth infestations detected in Cloquet and Duluth areas last fall starting today.

The aerial treatments will start as early as 5am in Duluth followed by Cloquet lasting about 2 ½ hours at both sites. The first of two applications of Foray/Btk over each area. The second application will take place in 5-14 days. Btk is a biological product that is organic certified for food crops, with no known health effects for humans, pets, birds, fish, livestock, bees, and other non-caterpillars insects.

The Duluth site is approximately 630 acres in the New Duluth Neighborhood from House Street to the St Louis River and extending west of Commonwealth Avenue/Highway 23. The Cloquet site encompasses approximately 400 acres of the Sappi Mill property. The low-flying airplane will be traveling up to a half-mile outside these treatment areas as it navigates the gypsy moth infestations sites. 

MDA notes the treatment does not cause damage to outdoor surfaces, however soapy water will remove any residue on outdoor items. 

Gyspy moths are among the nation’s most destructive tree pests, having caused millions of dollars in damage to Eastern forests. If present in large numbers, gypsy moth caterpillars can defoliate large sections of forest. The moths spread slowly on their own, but people can unintentionally help the spread by transporting firewood or other items on which the moths have laid their eggs.