Norman County West Holds Final School Board Meeting on Tuesday Night

Norman County West Holds Final School Board Meeting on Tuesday Night

June 16, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0
School Board members Ann Tommerdal, Matt Nelson, Brad Merkens, Faye Delong, and Peter Jacobson pose for a photo following the final regular NCW Board meeting. (Lucas Spaeth not pictured)

Hendum, MN — The Norman County West School Board held their final regular board meeting of all time on Tuesday night in Hendrum. The board took care of the final consolidation items and approved the sale of both school buildings, just in time before the district consolidates with Ada-Borup and becomes Ada-Borup West. Norman County West Board Chair Brad Merkens talks about some of the items addressed by the board.

While the sale of the elementary building to the City of Hendrum took only a few months, the sale of the old high school building in Halstad took closer to a couple years. The purchase agreement that was ultimately approved by both parties included the building, sports complex, and bus barn. The City of Halstad also purchased a 30-acre plot of land south of town from the school for $1. That land was commonly farmed by Norman County West FFA students.

As the meeting wrapped up and school board members shared their final thoughts, the emotional toll of this being the last meeting began to set in, with a few of the board members sharing tears in their final remarks.

Merkens is aware that closing the Norman County West schools may not be a popular decision by everyone in the district, but he asks community members to do their best to move forward and support the new school. 

The new Ada-Borup West District takes effect on July 1st. Lucas Spaeth, Peter Jacobson, and Faye Delong will serve on the new school board.