Fosston School Board News & Notes from June 17th Meeting

Fosston School Board News & Notes from June 17th Meeting

June 21, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Fosston, MN — The Fosston School Board held their regular monthly meeting this past week. During the meeting, Fosston Elementary Principal Dan Boushee reported on how well summer school appears to be going so far. There are close to 30 kids currently enrolled. It was also reported that they will soon be offering a PreK summer program next month as well. Fosston Superintendent Sue Chase says many of the PreK students were impacted by COVID this past year, so they will be offering programming to help their youngest learners catch up.

The Fosston PreK Summer School program begins on July 13th.

Superintendent Chase also reported on the Federal funding that the Fosston School District is receiving. She adds that it is a lifesaver as they would have likely had to cut positions without it.

The Fosston School Board also approved their preliminary 2021-2022 year budget and had to do so despite not knowing some pertinent financial information.

And Chase reports that there are a still a few building projects taking place this summer as well.

The Fosston School Board also has a Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Plan Committee meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, June 22nd.