Play Paintball with Local Law Enforcement this Weekend

Play Paintball with Local Law Enforcement this Weekend

June 23, 2021 Business Matters News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Twin Valley, MN — Live out a real-life Call of Duty experience and play paintball alongside local law enforcement this weekend near Twin Valley. Northern Minnesota Extreme Sports is a new paintball facility located near Heiberg Park north of Twin Valley. The owner of the paintball playground is Chris Haverkamp, who played paintball extensively when the sport hit its peak in popularity 20 years ago. Haverkamp opened the facility just over a year ago after his kids started to get interest in the sport as well.

There are only few paintball facilities remaining in the area, but Haverkamp says none of them compare to what they offer with several acres of forests, bunkers, buildings, and other unique obstacles.

This Saturday, June 26th, they invite everyone to play a round of paintball with local law enforcement with their 2nd annual Fight the Law match. Haverkamp says the purpose of the event is to create a tighter bond between the public and police through paintball.

This weekend’s paintball play with police, which runs from 11am until 7pm, is free to participate other than the cost of the paintballs, but equipment is provided for those who need it. Haverkamp will also be grilling up food throughout the day as well. For more information, like “Northern MN Extreme Sports” on Facebook.

Listen to the full interview with Chris Haverkamp below: