Norman County Fair 4-H, FFA Livestock and Exhibit Showcase Interviews & Photos

Norman County Fair 4-H, FFA Livestock and Exhibit Showcase Interviews & Photos

June 28, 2021 Farm News News 0
Morgan and Trenton Sip’s beef projects

Morgan Sip talks about his steer and heifer project (above, laying down) during the Livestock and Exhibit Showcase.

Shasta was Morgan Cole’s 4-H horse project

Morgan Cole showed Shasta (above) during the horse show and told us what it takes to prepare a horse for the fair.

Tucker Christianson tells us about his exhibits that were on display in the 4-H buildling.

An impressive costume display from Karah Jacobson, winning the ‘Clothes You Make’ category

Karah Jacobson had a successful project run at the fair including the costume seen in the 4-H exhibit hall.

The crops display at the 4-H exhibit hall. Left to right: soybeans, corn, alfalfa

Daniel Jossund dives into what it takes to pick the right crops from the field for the county fair.

Karly and Kaleigh Sip’s Golden and Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens

Kaleigh Sip talks about what it takes to prepare chickens for a show.

Bryn Jacobson was part of the horse show and exhibited some things in the 4-H hall during the fair. She was the only horse showman in the English Riding category.

Billy Roesch standing with the Roesch Farm barrows shown at the fair

Billy Roesch explains what it takes to show a pig and how much he enjoys working on this project.

Another pig showman, Michael Crompton, told us how he prepared for the fair this year.

Tyler Albertson is one of the up and coming cattle showmen in Norman County, showing a Hereford steer.

Dane Kappes is a cloverbud who had a bull calf named Ripper and enjoyed showing at the fair.

Katrina Quick’s rabbit relaxing after the rabbit show

Katrina Quick showed three species at the fair and told us about the work it takes for each.

Sterling and Sully Abentroth showed their cloverbud lamb projects and they just like showing which bodes well for the future.

Olivia and Mitchell Sip’s Southdown ewes

Olivia Sip gives some advice to the younger 4-H and FFA members who are looking forward to showing in the future.

The final show of the week we talked with Tony Roesch, who showed pigs, Calais Olson was part of the horse show, and Kaleigh Sip and Katrina Quick tell us about being 4-H ambassadors.

Thank you to Thunderseed, Community Co-Op Energy Solutions, Agrimax, and Lindfors Insurance Agency for making the Norman County Fair 4-H, FFA Livestock Exhibit Showcase possible!