New Policies at The River Golf Course

New Policies at The River Golf Course

July 1, 2021 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

There are many new policies at The River golf course effective immediately according to the course’s Facebook page.

1) no one under the age of 16 allowed to drive a cart unless you bought a season cart pass for 2021 or are accompanied by an adult. 

2) no one is allowed to come to the course after 7:00 P.M. if you do not start golfing before 7:00 P.M. you cannot golf. 

3) the gate will be locked at 9:00 P.M. daily. Everyone must be off the course by 9:00 unless there is an event or wedding. 

4) no driving recklessly, on tees or greens, or in the woods/swamps/ditches

5) you must check in to the starter shack before taking a cart, even if you have a season pass. 

6) no using range balls on the course.

If we catch you doing anything damaging we will call the authorities and press charges. It’s theft and trespassing. We have a zero tolerance for both. We have had people coming here after closing and doing these things and destroying carts and the course. We had a group out last night cause over $1,000 of damage to a golf cart.

In a subsequent post yesterday,

We have had several people report themselves and others as behaving poorly on the course, damaging carts and the course itself. Letters to parents are being sent out tomorrow and the ones who did this will not be allowed back at the course until they write a letter of apology and explanation of why we should allow them back to our business. We have a zero tolerance for bad behavior and reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. In the future if you are caught damaging the course or equipment, stealing range balls for use on the course, golfing without paying, trespassing after hours, or any other bad behavior you will be reported to local law enforcement. Thank you to everyone who shared our last post that helped us catch a few misbehaving and damaging kids & young adults.