Polk County Commissioner Discusses American Rescue Plan Payments and Enbridge Taxes

Polk County Commissioner Discusses American Rescue Plan Payments and Enbridge Taxes

July 1, 2021 Food for Thought News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Polk County, MN – Polk County Commissioner Joan Lee spoke on the Food for Thought program on Monday, June 28th. The first topic covered was an update on the American Rescue Plan. Lee reports that the county has received half of the targeted money. The county is currently waiting for more guidance on how to spend the payment, however the money does not need to be spent in full until December of 2024, giving the board time to sort out the fine details of how to use the relief payments. Lee covers what the county will be expected to use the money for once the rest has been received.

Next Lee spoke on an update on the Enbridge Tax. The Department of Revenue will assess the figures and tell the affected counties what they need to collect.

Lee states, “Through history the Department of Revenue has not won a tax court case…through all utilities. The utilities have come out as winners every single time…That indicates that there’s a difference how the Department of Revenue and the courts are interpreting the laws, the formulas, how these numbers are supposed to be assessed.” Moving forward, it is uncertain if in the future the Department of Revenue will be taken to court over disagreements on numbers. However, Lee reports the Department of Revenue is coming up with a draft on numbers that the state will pay to Enbridge. Lee covers the possible next steps if or when the counties will receive the checks.

Regardless of whether the Enbridge Tax will be paid through one or multiple checks, Lee states it will come down to the entities that are singled out when it comes to the actual numbers that are owed.

More updates on the American Rescue Plan or the Enbridge Tax can be found on the meeting agendas of the Board of Commissioners on Polk County’s website.