Fireworks Safety is Top Priority This Weekend Says Polk County Sheriff

Fireworks Safety is Top Priority This Weekend Says Polk County Sheriff

July 2, 2021 Food for Thought News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Polk County, MN – The 4th of July is this Sunday, and that means people will celebrate in many different ways. A popular way many families observe the holiday is by setting off fireworks. Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman spoke about the importance of using proper safety precautions when buying and setting off smaller consumer firecrackers such as sparklers or party poppers. Tadman advises that larger fireworks should be left to the professionals and observed from a safe distance. He also cautions the use of fires, particularly due to the dry conditions.

Under Minnesota law, certain fireworks are illegal for public sale, possession or use. These conditions includes explosives that fly, burst or shatters. Tadman says to be mindful of what time fireworks are being lit, as the loud noises could be reported to county law enforcement.

Tadman estimates an average of 75 hospital visits occur due to people not follow safety instructions. The main concern is not having a wide enough area to stand back from the fireworks. However, with a proper boundary set and stable fireworks, families and friends can enjoy the Fourth of July weekend. More information on fireworks safety and laws can be found on the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website.