Koochiching County Vaccine numbers slightly low.

Koochiching County Vaccine numbers slightly low.

July 6, 2021 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

County Health and Human Services Director Kathy LaFrance.

LaFrance reported that the number of people getting Vaccines in the county has fallen off compared to when vaccines were first available.

“We were hoping to see a lot of young people, but that is the population most likely not to get a vaccination,” she said. “That will cause some issue with the new Delta variant that now represents 20 percent of infection in the US. and is doubling every two weeks.” The variation is likely to go into the young population, which will keep passing it on and causing it to change she said.

Vaccinations are effective against the variant; people may still get ill, but won’t likely end up in a hospital or die, she said. A June 14 vaccination bus, which ran out of its 100 doses June 14, may return to assist Koochiching County residents with getting vaccinated, she said. LaFrance said Koochiching County’s vaccination rate, at about 56 percent of the population, is comparable for other counties, and around the nationwide rate of about 60 percent.