Halstad City Council Finding Uses for Former School Property

Halstad City Council Finding Uses for Former School Property

July 15, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Halstad, MN — Lots of news surrounding the former Norman County West High School during the most recent Halstad City Council meeting on Monday night. The council approved a contract with the Sheet Metal Workers Union for use of the former shop and ag classroom. At $10,000 a year for rent, Halstad Mayor Darin Johnson is happy to have a tenant in the building soon offsetting some of the costs of the building.

The Halstad City Council is continuing to explore other ways to repurpose the school property. One thing discussed at this week’s meeting was converting the ball fields, as well as another fenced-in property in town, into a dog park, according to Mayor Johnson.

The city does plan on holding a public meeting in the near future to get input of future uses and management of the former school property.

Also this week, the council accepted the resignation of their city clerk and is looking into finding a part time replacement.

And next week is a big week for the city of Halstad with the All-School Reunion taking place. Johnson says community members and city staff are working hard getting the city ready for the event.

The Pirate-Panther All School Reunion is scheduled for July 23rd through 25th.